Networking Made Easy

Who we are

NM² is a startup focused on high-technology products and services in the ICT area,
with primary target on Measurement and Monitoring,
which is the origin of the name

Who we are

NM² was born from an Academic spin-off of the University of Napoli Federico II , Italy,
officially approved by the Board of the Directors of the University in September 2012

In February 2013,
NM² has been awarded by the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MIUR)
with a grant according to the Art.11 DM 593/2000
(progetti autonomamente presentati per attività di ricerca proposte da costituende società spin-off)

Who we are

Building on more than 13 years of award-winning, world-renowned academic research in this field, the core business of NM² is the design and implementation of systems for controlling, monitoring, managing, and securing network infrastructures and applications

Moreover, NM² - also thanks to its attention for the environment and its social activism and to new research projects - is developing platforms and services for Smart Cities

Why NM²

  • Top class research results
  • World-wide Top class collaborations with Industries, Research Centers, and Universities
  • Top class awards for research results and projects
  • Participations to Top class international research projects
  • Industrialization of research results

How NM² works

  • NM² designs, develops, commercializes, and sells products (and competencies)
  • In-house deployment and management
  • Complete outsourcing of Network Monitoring activities
  • Tailored solutions together with the customer
  • NM² manages the commercialization, selling and post selling stages


High Performance Traffic Generation Platforms

Traffic Classification and Identification Platforms

Network Monitoring Platforms

Smart City Platforms

WAS: the World Around uS

Key Factors of our Monitoring Products

Novel and cutting-edge, monitoring techniques and platforms

Integrated Active and Passive network monitoring platforms

Novel Active probing approaches based on IP options

Novel Traffic and Service Classification method

Optimized Evaluation of Network Performance

Real time evaluation of Quality of Service and Quality of Experience

Monitoring Products: What we do

Distributed Probe-based Solutions for Network Monitoring, Measurement and Analysis

Hardware-based Probes

Software-based Probes

Distributed DB

App and Mobile applications

Interfaces for administration and visualization

User and Market


Telcos and ISPs




Always uptodate, state of the art, network monitoring technologies both for your Intranet of Internet services

In collaboration with our professional support and your network team you can have a solid network as a big asset of your business

Recommended for big enterprises and Telcos


Always uptodate, state of the art, network monitoring technologies both for your Intranet of Internet services

Optionally available in 24h mode

Optionally have also our professional support teaming with your network staff

No investment, only services

Recommended for SMEs, SOHOs, enterprises

Professional Support²

A team designing your network

Following you in the development, improvement, management, and documentation of your network

Our team can help you in planning future investments on your network to make it scale


Napoli (Italy)
Sales Office and NM² Head and R&D Quarter
Via Fiumiciello, 7
80124 Napoli, Italy

Milano and Roma (Italy)
NM2 Sales Offices