Features and key aspects

DITGBox can craft packets at L3/4, statistically controlling inter-time and size of packets, it can directly generate at L7 with full stack traversal, or it can replay real traffic traces. DITGBox accurately measures the performance of the whole traffic (e.g. latency and jitter through a device under test) and/or the detailed performance experienced by single, specific flows. DITGBox can act as a simple (open loop) packet generator or it can work towards the same or other DITGBoxes, e.g. to measure the round trip time or to reproduce bidirectional traffic. DITGBox can run as a specialized hardware appliance (up to 100 Gbps) or as a virtual machine (e.g. inside a datacenter). DITGBox is controlled via an easy-to-use web GUI and/or through a restful API (e.g. to be integrated in complex and/or legacy monitoring platforms).

ditgbox dashboard2

DITGBox offers a simple, user-friendly, and very intuitive web GUI for:

  • Easily configuring complex network traffic mixes using real traces and stochastic models.
  •  Reproducing realistic, full-stack traffic, customized from L3 to L7
ditgbox dashboard1

DITGBox GUI includes powerful,flexible, and real-time reports with:

  • Detailed per-flow and aggregated statistics about QoS metrics measured
  • Flexible, drag-n-drop graphics and tables of instantaneous values and trends

DITGBox Architecture

DITGBox is a high-speed platform for traffic generation and performance measurements over a wide range of protocols and applications.

ditgbox architecture
  • Up to 100 Gbit/s with a 2U form factor
  • Closed Loop (1 BOX) or Open Loop (2 BOXes) testing
  • INTEL® DPDK software libraries
  • Based on D-ITG scientific research project

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