Features and key aspects

NM2Suite came to life as an answer to real time infrastructures monitoring needs, focusing on the performance of the applications using its services.
The suite main goal is to create instruments and indicators to improve management of client’s problems and to find out in real time anomalies that can compromise the quality of service perceived by the end user.

NM2Suite gives large flexibility on choosing the observation points and allows to improve gradually the monitoring detail level and coverage. The Management and Control System is based on an easy to understand interface featuring interactive graphs and maps, customizable to the user preferences. Furthermore the RESTFUL API feature permits a full integration of the information generated by other TTM/OSS platforms.

nm2suite dashboard1

NM2 Suite offers an intuitive map based view:

  • Easily keep geographically distributed deployments under control
  • Observe currently running measurements in real time
nm2suite dashboard2

NM2 Suite allows to quickly look at detailed metrics:

  • Observe trends up to to the resolution of one second
  • Easily detect patterns and anomalies

NM2Suite Architecture

Based on a highly scalable distributed architecture, the suite mainly refers to Telco Operators and Service Providers that offer, by means of heterogeneous access technologies on fixed and mobile networks, connectivity and services to business clients and consumers. A typical platform use case: the monitoring of a large-scale infrastructure, heterogeneous on type of service and access technology. Thanks to a set of hardware and software probes deployed, NM2Suite collects information about the different parts of the infrastructure state and performances. The system then puts these information together in a single observation point (Management and control system) from which is possible to:

nm2suite architecture
  • Visualize in real time the infrastructure and applications state and performances, both in aggregate mode or in detail on particular aspects.
  • Receive a prompt notification about anomalies spotted by the system
  • Generate configurable reports with relevant statistics

NM2Suite functionalities

Functionalities for business clients

  • Prospective SLA constraint violations prompt notifications
  • Abnormal traffic amount according to periodical trend prompt notifications
  • Traffic congestion in specific network points prompt notifications

Functionalities for consumer clients

  • Measure different applications QoS network parameters
  • Gather the QoE observed by the end user on different kind of applications
  • Remote installation feature, without dedicated hardware needs

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