Novel and cutting-edge monitoring techniques and platforms
Integrated Active and Passive network monitoring platforms
Novel Active probing approaches based on IP options
Novel Traffic and Service Classification methods


Flexible and effective monitoring of network infrastructures and applications.

Nm2Suite is the answer to real time monitoring needs of large scale network infrastructures, focusing on the performance of the applications using it. The suite gives large flexibility on what, where, and how to monitor the infrastructure,  and allows to improve gradually the monitoring detail level and coverage.

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Monitoring and troubleshooting network infrastructures and application.

SmarTIE combines application traffic classification and performance monitoring functionality with high accuracy and low resource consumption dynamically selecting and combining different techniques, including a patented lightweight DPI inspection technique suitable for real-time classification up to 100 Gbps.

Network performance evaluation and stress testing.

DITGBox is a high-speed platform for traffic generation and performance measurements over a wide range of protocols and applications, crafting packets at L3/4, statistically controlling inter-time and size of packets, directly generating at L7 with full stack traversal, or replaying real traffic traces. DITGBox can run as a specialized hardware appliance or as a virtual machine, and is controlled via an easy-to-use web GUI and/or through a restful API.

Social and Smart services for safer cities and healthy places to grow, live, work, and enjoy the life.

S2city is an enabling platform for building, managing, and delivering smart cities services. With S2city citizens and third parties can produce contents and participate to the change, for ensure that our cities are safer and healthy places to grow, live, work, and enjoy the life.

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