Features and key aspects

SmarTIE combines application traffic classification and performance monitoring functionality. It identifies the applications generating traffic flows with high accuracy and low resource consumption. SmarTIE probes dinamically select and combine different techniques, including a patented lightweight DPI inspection technique suitable for real-time classification up to 100 Gbps. SmarTIE probes can be deployed as standalone servers, agents in terminals, or Virtual Machines, and be flexibly and dynamically distributed. Each SmarTIE Probe reports its results to a hierarchical network of collection points, which make the results immediately available for operational purposes to the SmarTIE Controller. NetFlow and IPFIX data coming from other routers or probes can also be collected and analyzed.

smartie dashboard1

SmarTIE presents a customizable dashboard with:

  • ¬†At-a-glance overall view of traffic in multiple monitored networks and multiple observation points
  • Easy-to-read graphs with breakdown analysis on applications, protocols, location, company, etc.
  • Multi-tenant support, for large-scale deployment
smartie dashboard2

SmarTIE detects which applications are generating traffic:

  • Very precise results inspecting only a limited traffic portion
  • Tunable classification algorithms adapting to available resources

SmarTIE Architecture

SmarTIE is a solution to monitor the status of large scale, complex networks aggregate, from views down to simple users and application flows.

smartie architecture
  • Based on TIE multi-classification platform
  • Deployable on appliances or Virtual Machines
  • Identification of anomalous traffic
  • Granular measurements of QoS
  • Non-Intrusive, detailed classification of network traffic into applications
  • Flexible views of network traffic

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