Do you have a complex research question? We can find the answer for you!

Network infrastructures and applications often pose complex problems that do not have an optimal solution yet.

Finding innovative solutions requires significant research efforts. Outsourcing research to experts let you save both time and money and allow you to stay focused on your core business.

Make sense of your Big Data

Networks, especially in the Internet of Things era, produce and transport huge amounts of data from which very valuable information can be extracted.

NM2 provides its know-how to help you to efficiently collect, store, analyze and visualize any kind of Big Data. We bring you in the Artificial Intelligence era!

Bring innovation into your solutions

NM2 provides its know-how and experience in conducting ambitious research projects to help customers in building innovative solutions for their network infrastructures and applications

NM2 team has a long tradition made of succesful research projects on a variety of different topics related to computer networks, ranging from  performance and scalability to privacy and security.